Thursday, March 3, 2011

JFK: Praise from a Future Generation – the blog

Praise from a Future Generation (Wings Press, 2007) is a nonfiction account of the earliest critics of the Warren Report, written by Yours Truly and published a little over three years ago.

I wrote Praise from a Future Generation with a wide audience in mind. Unfortunately, it never found one. I still believe its story deserves wide attention – if not my particular telling of it.

After publication I set up a Praise blog but never kept up with it. For the most part it's been an empty, inactive site. It isn't likely anyone even knows about it but me!

Not long ago I apparently wrote – somewhere in the vastness of cyberspace – that I felt "burned out" by the issue of the assassination. Someone noticed what I'd written, and said something on one of the JFK forums. I read the remarks and commented. A few counter-comments followed, and I rather enjoyed the exchange.

I am not without things to say about the Kennedy case – especially as its fiftieth anniversary draws ever closer. (If you've read this far, perhaps you are interested in the subject, too.) I write compulsively anyway, so I've decided to resume the Praise blog.

Whatever I may have written elsewhere, I'm not burned out on the JFK case. I am, however, sick to death of those who maintain their pathetic efforts to validate the lone nut lie, and refuse to dignify their bullshit with any response beyond calling it what it is.

Please check out the Praise blog. I promise to at very least make the prose lively. With a little luck it will be interesting from time to time. Maybe I'll even piss a few people off.

In addition to the Praise blog, the book has an official web site.

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