Friday, April 15, 2011

Click Here

There's a link I would like you to click on. It takes you to a place called "The Hunger Site."

By clicking a button there, someone gets fed for free. Sponsors, they say, pay for it. No further explanation is offered. How much food, and who gets it, isn't clear to me. But I take them at their word and click daily.

In addition to the Hunger Site, there are tabs across the top of the page for other worthy causes: breast cancer, animal rescue (my daughter's favorite), veterans, child health, literacy, and rainforest. Every morning when I fire up my computer, I click my way down the line. You're only allowed to click once a day, so whenever I'm on another computer, like at the library, I try to double that by visiting the Hunger Site and clickety clicking my way along.

The sites are littered with advertising, which says that if you buy stuff from their sponsors, even more free stuff is donated to those who need it.

I'm skeptical enough to think that none of all that clicking makes a goddammed bit of difference. But I keep doing it anyway and hope I'm wrong.

I humbly request you do the same.

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