Friday, March 2, 2012

She Said No

Our daughter has always wanted a dog.

This kid has wanted a pooch for as long as anyone can remember. If it were up to me, I'd have said yes years ago.

But it isn't up to me, not entirely, because my wife is allergic to dogs.

So we've been unable to get one.

Then, in late January, Dana fell off a horse. Broke her arm in two places, an ordeal that has been described in some detail elsewhere on this blog. Just the other day, as this is written, she had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon we used to fix her shattered elbow. And he said that although it's been less than a month since the surgery, she no longer has to wear her splint 24/7. (She never did have a cast).

Needless to say, Dana is thrilled. She doesn't have to wrap her arm in a trash bag to bathe anymore!

But, about that dog...

After the accident, my wife astonished me by offering to get Dana a pup of her choosing, if only she would agree to stop riding horses. It was a bribe, pure and simple.

The things we are willing to stoop to.

But Dana said no. Even though she loves animals, especially dogs. Even though she's been volunteering at the local Humane Society for years (where all of these photos were taken) – a poor substitute for a dog of her own.

She said if it meant giving up horseback riding, her answer would have to be no.

Bully for her. Shows the strength of her convictions.

She has yet to get back in the saddle. But she has every intention of doing so, and I suppose we can't stop her. But now, with the cat out of the bag – or the puppy out of the bag, as it were – I wonder if she'll try playing both sides against the middle – see if she can both keep riding, and still get a puppy.

We'll see how that goes.

Allergies, you know?

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