Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Grain Elevator: In the Balance

Just a few weeks ago it seemed like the old grain elevator in my town had been saved. But it turns out its future, at least for now, remains uncertain.

I think they're going to save the thing. But once again it's up to the city council here to do something once and for all. "I frankly think it's time for us to lead and to preserve the building," the mayor said recently.

The council voted last week to spend nearly a million bucks to buy the century-old building from its current owners. They thought about putting the matter before voters, according to the local press, but changed their minds.

I've written about this old grain elevator a couple of times since last spring. I can't help it: I think it's a cool old building. We've lived in this town for not quite fifteen years, so I can't say that personally, it's some cherished piece of our heritage. It is – but it isn't like I've been looking at it since I was a tadpole.

Anyway, the brainiacs who run this town are going to vote on the building's fate sometime next week. In all likelihood they'll vote to buy it and restore it, and then – what? Put in a Starbucks, perhaps?

We shall see.


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  2. I think it's a awesome old developing. We've resided in this city for not quite many decades, so I can't say that individually, it's some valued item of our history. It is – but it isn't like I've been looking at it since I was a tadpole.