Wednesday, January 30, 2013

LIFE Magazine & JFK

Life magazine, that onetime cultural mainstay in the United States, played a troubling role in the JFK assassination.

There are a number of problems with its relationship to JFK's death. I'll limit this to just one.

Life published three versions of its October 2, 1964 issue (right), which featured an article trumpeting the arrival of the Warren Report. Included were a series of Zapruder film frames that, on inspection, did not seem to support the official line that a lone assassin shot Kennedy from behind.

And so the article was revised and the issue republished two times – "an enormously costly undertaking that required breaking and resetting plates not once, but twice," according to Jerry Policoff. [1]

The subsequent versions presented different frames and rephrased captions.

Seeing is believing. Spreading the three versions out over a large table is the best way. But I've tried to demonstrate Life's three versions on a web site.

Someone once quipped: Life be not proud.

[1] "The Second Dallas Casualty: The Media and the Assassination of Truth," by Jerry Policoff, included in Government by Gunplay: Assassination Conspiracy Theories from Dallas to Today, edited by Sid Blumenthal.

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