Saturday, January 4, 2014

This Is Not Your Father's Marijuana

Once upon a time, it woulda been a dream come true: marijuana is legal!

During my Reckless Youth phase, the idea was – well, a pipe dream.

And yet that dream has come true! Marijuana, for all intents and purposes, is as legal as a shady stock deal. A law approved by voters here in 2012 went into effect with the first of the year. Media types are one-upping each other with bad, predictable puns, like "the buzz on the new law" and "Rocky Mountain high."

But, alas! It's a little late for moi. Yeah, I'll be tempted to step inside a pot emporium, first time I see one. Novelty, you know? But I won't buy anything, or accept a free sample. Smokin' dope, I'm afraid, has long since lost its charm.

I still welcome its legalization, though. It's a new source of revenue, taxable, and a means of eliminating the criminality long associated with it.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em – if you're so inclined.

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