Monday, March 24, 2014

Collapsed Bridge: Repairs Underway

Six months after unprecedented rain and floods washed over the region I live in, a collapsed bridge is finally getting fixed.

I must note that countless thousands suffered from these floods in ways that far surpass what we endured last September. I can't even remember the official death toll, but there was a death toll, and genuine human suffering. I don't mean to diminish any of that by whining about some dumb bridge.

A nearby golf course was destroyed, but I don't play golf, so I've never been too concerned about that. As for this bridge (seen last September at right, a day or so after the collapse) – well, it's a blast to go screaming down the hill in the background on my bike.

I read somewhere that it would be a couple of years before the bridge would be fixed. But lo and behold, repairs are underway. I stopped by there yesterday, as this is written, to document this surprising turn of events. I walked around for about fifteen minutes and got a lot of loose dirt in my boots. After just seven or eight pictures my battery ran out. I got a few more images with my iPhone. The pictures look okay but it's a poor substute for a real camera.

There were a few things I didn't photograph because of the battery and iPhone situation. There were a few other pieces of earth moving equipment, like one of those tiny Bobcat mini-bulldozers. When I was a youngster I always thought they were really kid-sized bulldozers.

So the thing is being fixed, and from what I had heard earlier, it's way ahead of schedule. This is most unusual.

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