Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cargo Bike

By now, I have volunteered about twelve hours to Community Cycles, the local bike co-op.

I work a three hour, Sunday afternoon shift, and usually come home tired, covered with blotches of grease, and happy.

I made a post about my first shift a few weeks ago. In it I described, among other things, a cargo bike that a guy there was building. I saw that cargo bike again the following week and took a picture of it with my cell phone.

By this time, the cargo bike had evolved a little more. Earlier I described the platform on the bike, but as you can see in this photo, its builder had added a cargo bin on top of the platform.

I don't know whether this cargo bike is finished yet. The guy who built it, who I think is also the founder or co-founder of Community Cycles, and is responsible for local ghost bikes, said it takes a few minutes to get used to steering the cargo bike. After that it's smooth cycling.

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