Sunday, May 7, 2017

Business As Usual

Everyone knows the king has no clothes – that Trump is incompetent, and totally unfit for the presidency. When can we stop pretending?

His most diehard supports may never give up the game. But I hope – and that’s all it is, hope – that in time, whatever collective common sense remains in this country will coalesce around the idea that the sitting president is a grossly inept and dangerous lunatic who, for the good of the nation, must be stopped.

I’m still naive enough to believe that good will prevail. I should know better. I do know better.

Yet I have to believe that Trump will get his comeuppance. If I see one more fist-pump by that arrogant fraud, that lickspittle to the one percent, I may scream. It confounds me (and many others) that he’s been thus far unscathed by what would have destroyed any other politician.

As the Trump campaign ramped up in late 2015, his personal physician stated in a letter that Trump “will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” – an absurd statement and naked lie, probably written by Trump himself. Certainly, his appearance is unwholesome. Maybe he'll end up dying in office, and we’ll be subjected to 1) a televised state funeral, with all the trimmings, and 2) President Mike Pence.

A televised funeral may not be too high a price to pay. President Pence, complicit with Trump and equally evil, would be. He is a willing collaborator and enabler deserving his own awful fate.

Meanwhile, for Trump, it is business as usual. His lifelong modus operandi has been to destroy whatever stands in his way, accountable to no one. Utterly despicable, it was a winning formula in private life. In an officeholder it is unacceptable.

Lock him up.

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