Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bike Race

There was a bike race in my town a few days ago – the "Sonic Boom" criterium. It was actually a series of races, and they lasted all day. The races were broken into a number of different categories, mostly the age of the riders.

I stopped by for about half an hour. A criterium is a close-course race. This particular criterium was in a big figure-8. I'm not sure how many city blocks it covered.

There were hundreds of riders in all. I watched them whizzing by from several different locations. In this top photo, riders are cornering from Front Street onto Walnut. On the left, outside the frame of this photograph, is our wonderful local library.

The photo below is basically a reverse angle of the above picture. These two riders are comin' 'round the corner from Front Street onto Walnut.

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