Saturday, May 28, 2011

An E-Book: Praise from a Future Generation

Some very witty wag once defined a liberal as someone whose interests aren't at stake.

This applies to more than just politics.

Elsewhere on this blog, I railed against e-books and e-readers. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

My publisher recently contacted me to see if I would like to prepare an e-book version of Praise from a Future Generation, my account of the "first generation" critics of the Warren Report. A conventional hardcover version appeared in October 2007.

I would very much indeed like to prepare an e-book version, I replied.

I still don't care for Kindles, and all the other e-readers out there on the market. But I can't deny the realities of the marketplace. According to an item I saw in the paper recently, Amazon is selling more e-books than printed books, including books for which there is no electronic edition.

This development gives me an opportunity. There are some little grammatical errors throughout the print version of the book, and in the months ahead I'll be ferreting out and correcting as many as I can. And I'll be adding some new material, too. Not a hell of a lot, but some stuff that should have been there all along. Just enough, perhaps, to justify calling the e-book a revised, second edition.

There is no formal publication date yet. Probably sometime in the fall, I'm told.

By the way...that witty wag who defined liberals also defined conservatives: in their case, as those with two perfectly good legs who refuse to walk forward.

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