Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Anybody out there?

Am I wastin' my time writing this blog?

I don't get many readers here, and rarely get comments on the stuff that I post. It's a little discouraging.

Admittedly, my posts are all over the map. One day I might write about the Kennedy assassination. Another day I might write about baseball. On another, I might write about picking up litter, or about toilets.

So there is a certain inconsistency. Readers probably don't like that. They probably like to have an inkling of what they might be in for, before they stop by on a regular basis.

But I like it the way it is. It's why the little LUNG blurb at right calls this thing a free-form blog. It's no way to build a readership, I don't reckon.

Apparently, it's no way to invite comments, either. I rarely have much response to any of my posts, even when I'm crass enough to solicit them.

And yet, I enjoy writing these things – even if my readership is so low as to be immeasurable. I check the statistics that Blogspot makes available, and see that there are a few posts that get a modest amount of attention. (See "popular posts" at right, beneath the blog archive.)

So I'll keep at it. And if you're reading this – well, thanks for stopping by! Don't hesitate to come again!

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