Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Much to Read, So Little Time

Sometimes I despair that I'll ever find enough time to read all the stuff I want to read.

When that happens, I remind myself that, barring some unspeakable something or other, I'm probably going to grow way old (longevity being in my genes) and end up with plenty of time on my hands.

So the time will find me.

Paradoxically, I'm just as likely to despair that there isn't enough stuff I want to read.

Am I full of it, or what?

I started thinking about this earlier today when I heard a brief portion of an interview on the radio. An author was talking about the Civil War. He said something about the South being the aggressor at the Battle of Fort Sumter; something about Lincoln sending an unarmed supply ship to said fort, thereby forcing the South to either let the ship through on humanitarian grounds, or attack an unarmed vessel. They chose the latter course of action.

I'm sure it isn't nearly so simple.

In the interview (actually a podcast of Fresh Air) the author was plugging his new book, 1861. I wanted more details, but lamented the fact that I'd never have the time to read that book. Not anytime soon, that is. There's just too much stuff on my plate right now.

Then I lamented the fact that I don't know much about the Civil War.

But I take comfort in knowing that one day, I should have plenty of time to read, and there are innumerable subjects that interest me. And innumerable books on each of these topics.

What about you? Please give me your thoughts on this matter.

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