Thursday, December 22, 2011

Great Gobs of Snow

Great gobs of snow fell on my town overnight. Last night's weather forecast called for seven to twelve inches. We got at least that much.

I was out in it early, shoveling. I usually throw my back out when there is so much snow, but I paced myself and it only hurts a little. I may seek relief in a steaming tubbie.

Smart people are only going out if necessary. I ventured out (on foot) to pick up a few items without which we would perish. Took along the camera, saw this woman walking her dog. The snow doesn't look very deep. Take my word for it, it is!

I had been hoping to find stranded motorists cursing the snow gods while they spun their wheels. No such luck.

I haven't yet heard anyone say, "At least we'll have a white Christmas!" but it's only a matter of time. If nothing else, some reporter will say it on the news tonight, and in the paper tomorrow.

I didn't see any stranded motorists, but I did come across a snow plow clearing the parking lot at the grocery store I walked to.


  1. This winter period has received more snowfall than I can ever keep in mind seeing in one period. Unfortunately, it's been powdery.

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