Monday, March 18, 2013

The JFK Case: So What Else is New?

To me, a free-thinking non-American cosmopolite, it is well-nigh unbelievable, and quite insupportable, that Americans are prepared passively to allow the truth about the assassination of their beloved young President and the identities of the perpetrators to remain suppressed and concealed from them.

More even than an insult to the American intelligence, it is a deadly self-affront to your integrity as a nation. Cannot you Americans see that the only way for you to redeem your consciences is to compel the appointment of a new commission of inquiry into the assassination and, following that, an uncompromising investigation of the FBI and of other agencies and individuals who may be under suspicion as having obstructed or perverted the course of justice, if nothing worse?

Letter to the Editor, The Minority of One
February 1967
(Writer’s name withheld by LUNG)

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