Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Torrential: Aftermath

We’re beginning to dry out here in my rain-soaked, flood-devastated berg by the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Beginning to.

Maybe you saw something about it on the news. At least four people died and many times that are still missing, in the aftermath of a hundred-year storm that dumped more than fifteen inches of rain over four days. Countless buildings and homes have sustained severe structural damage, as has the area's infrastructure. Thousands are displaced, and evacuations continue.

I've made a series of posts about this, usually with accompanying pictures. Their tone has been rather light. Perhaps that's because my community is fortunate to have been just out of serious harm's way, for the most part.

But it really is a humorless, life-or-death situation here. You can help.

Make a donation to Help Colorado Now.

Or you could make a donation to Red Cross emergency relief.

Or, make a donation to Save the Children, which as best I can tell is a secular outfit. That may make a difference to you. It certainly does to me.

I close with pictures of a nearby golf course, taken about three days apart. They were taken from about the same vantage point: the first on Friday, when flooding was at its worst, and the second one yesterday, as this is written – which is to say, taken Monday 9-16-13.

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