Tuesday, October 1, 2013

E-book: Praise from a Future Generation

As of today – October 1, 2013 – my book Praise from a Future Generation is available as an e-book.

Praise from a Future Generation is a nonfiction account of the earliest critics of the Warren Commission and its report on the 1963 assassination of JFK.

The book first appeared as a hardcover in 2007, published by Wings Press of San Antonio, Texas. It has not exactly been a best seller – but then, I never expected it to be.

I must admit, this is a case of the shoe being on the other foot. Elsewhere on this blog I have railed against e-books as something just shy of a crime against humanity.

Now, self-interest asserts itself.

The e-book version of Praise from a Future Generation has been a long time coming. Wings first approached me about it more than two years ago and I dutifully began yakking about it here. Then one delay led to another. But...that's all water under the bridge.

You can find both the hardcover and the e-version on Amazon.

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