Wednesday, October 9, 2013

E-book: Promotional crud

Getting a book published is, in many ways, a huge ego-stroke. No doubt about that.

But if you want anyone to read the damned thing, you have to do a lot of promotional legwork. This is particularly true when the book is put out by a small press. Or, as in my case, a micro-press.

Praise from a Future Generation, my 2007 book about the earliest, "first generation" critics of the Warren Report, recently appeared in an e-book edition. I noted that little factoid in a recent post here. But Lung is not exactly a high-traffic blog.

A few days after that post I talked about the book, via telephone, on a segment of Black Op Radio. This is weekly program out of Vancouver, hosted by Len Osanic. You should listen to the archived interview. I blab on for about 45 minutes. Things began at kind of a slow pace, but once I warmed up it went pretty well.

Some people really love doing stuff like that. I'm not one of them. This was a necessary evil. I had some talking points with me, written down on 3x5 index cards, to keep me "on message," as they say. They also served as prompts to get me talking again when we hit a conversational lull. They helped a lot.

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