Saturday, December 14, 2013

Guns and What They Do

After backing plans for stricter gun laws, two state lawmakers in fair Colorado were recalled. Another resigned in order to avoid a recall election.

Those proposed laws came in the aftermath of the slaughter of moviegoers at a suburban Denver theater in July 2012.

Even if the pro-gun lobby hadn't effected the recalls and resignation, the killing at yet another Denver-area high school would probably still have happened yesterday.

And yet, right-wing zealots who claim to be protecting their second amendment rights are liars.

The simple truth is that these people love guns and what they do. And what they do, we have been shown repeatedly, is kill. They do that very well.

According to CNN, there have been 28 school shootings since the savagery in Newtown, Connecticut – one year ago today as this is written. It's been said repeatedly, but is worth saying again, that twenty children and six adults were massacred that day, including the mother of the heavily armed gun lover who did the deed.

But just try to do something about it, lawmakers. G'wan, we dare you!

More wholesale slaughter is in our future – sooner rather than later.

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