Sunday, February 23, 2014

Banned III (Words and Phrases)

A public radio station in a town where I once lived used to acknowledge its underwriters at certain times of the day. They all do that.

The tagline this station used for one particular underwriter was, “Open seven days a week — including Sunday!”

It drove me nuts.

No comment should be necessary. The station was in a college town and connected to a college, as public radio stations often are. They ran this tagline for a year or more before they finally changed it. I always imagined some crusty old grammarian – maybe the guy at right (who may or may not be me) – giving them a good dressing-down.

"Seven days a week, including Sunday" is its own brand of idiocy. I place it here anyway. Others in this ongoing list of words and phrases that should be banned from the language include: Old school, props, superfood, branding, I'm just sayin', free gift, educate, and Corporate responsibility.

Old school? Follow the link. Props – as in credit, or kudos – just plain bugs me. Banish it forthwith. There ain't no real superfood, but I keep hearing dried fish and kale salad and other reasonably healthy foods so tagged. Branding? No. Me no like. Save your soul. "I'm just sayin'" is meaningless, ergo my campaign against it. Free gift is in the same category as "seven days a week, including Sunday." Educate, as in "Let's educate the voters!" makes me recoil; it reeks of propaganda. And Corporate responsibility? An oxymoron, if ever there was one.

I'm just sayin'.

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