Saturday, July 6, 2013

At the Zoo

We spent an afternoon at the Detroit Zoo recently, during a trip back to Motown, from whence I came.

Saw a lot of interesting stuff, as one does at the zoo. I always feel an ethical tug, though. Animals that by rights should be in the wild and in their natural habitat, now captured and put on display for the benefit of we, the planet's dominant species.

Okay. Objection and moral superiority duly noted. My kid loves animals and she wanted to go to the zoo, so we went.

This polar bear was pretty cool, I have to admit that. No pun intended. The Arctic Zone, or whatever the display is called, is a big aquatic thing whose inhabitants can be seen from the outside, or from the inside. Inside there are big picture windows. You can observe the polar bears and penguins and sea lions swimming around.

There is also a sort of tube or tunnel, from where these photos were taken. Visitors walk through it and the various sea creatures swim right overhead. Very thrilling. The kids love it! My kid loved it. And to be honest, so did I.

We probably spent more time here than in any other part of the zoo. One reason for that is that it was a very hot day, and the cool temps here were very refreshing. But it was also really interesting, even if these creatures are being held against their will.

All told, we were only at the zoo for a couple of hours. They close surprisingly early, considering it was summer, near the solstice, and daylight lingers until after 9pm.

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