Friday, July 19, 2013

Guns 'n Bullshit! anniversary

It has been one year since the mass murder at a midnight premiere of a new Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado. The alleged gunman awaits trial.

Since that crime we have seen a number of senseless, gun-related killings. Most conspicuous is the slaughter of innocents last December in Connecticut.

Americans, as a group, refuse to learn any lessons from this. Many are up in arms, of course, and sickened by all of the needless death.

Too many more just give lip service to the problem. Nothing of substance gets done. We remain armed to the teeth, willing to bathe in the blood of children.

In Colorado, a few state lawmakers have shown a willingness to enact laws that might have at least some impact on reducing the bloodshed. They have been targeted for recall by the unconscionable zealots of the National Rifle Association.

Look closely at the sign above. It stands in a field in rural Colorado. A single phone call for concealed carry classes and manure removal!

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