Monday, July 22, 2013

Roadside Attractions: 7-22-13

Way north from where my bike rides usually begin, up in an unincorporated part of this fair county, is Nelson Road. I don't get up there too often. Gotta be in peak condition to ride that far.

There's a buffalo herd up there, close to where my daughter takes riding lessons (Triple Creek Ranch). I've written about this herd once before. I've tried to get decent photos of them for a long time, but they're usually too far away.

There are two fences separating these bison from the road: an imposing fence of thick cable attached to posts, and beyond that a flimsy wire fence. So when the herd moseyed on up near the road recently, I crawled through the outer fence of thick cables so I could get nice and close.

I didn't have the nerve to do that before.

These buffalo are about as domesticated as buffalo ever get. Which is to say penned in, but not as docile as cows. Like their bovine cousins they are almost certainly destined for the slaughterhouse and the meat grinder.

Anyway the buffalo seen here definitely took notice of my presence. One of them re-positioned himself and watched me closely. I don't think he would have attacked if he felt provoked – I don't think he felt provoked – but you never know. There was just that flimsy wire fence between us now. After getting enough pictures, I got the hell out of there.

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